Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

Choral singing on the beautiful Greek island

2nd Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

INTERKULTUR’s choral autumn kicks off from September 12-16, 2018 with the 2nd Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition welcoming a cultural variety of 37 choirs from 20 nations.


The choral trip begins on September 12 with a Friendship Concert at 11:00 at the M. Theotoki Square (San Giacomo), where most different choirs gather for the first performance of the event. At 17:00 the first part of the popular Folklore competition starts at the Municipal Theater and ensembles from China, Thailand, Romania and other countries will showcase their country-specific choral sounds.

The traditional Opening Concert at the Open Air Stage at the Old Fortress officially opens the 2nd Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition at 20:30. Choirs from Greece, Thailand, Turkey, China, Argentina and Estonia aim to sweep the audience off their feet and will offer an insight of what will expect choral music lovers during the next days in Corfu.

On September 13 Children’s and Youth Choirs, Mixed Choirs and Female Choirs will open the day at 10:30 at the Municipal Theater, where also the second part of the Folklore competition will be held from 14:30 on. And if you wish to enjoy sunny weather and music at the same time you can join free Friendship Concerts at 11:00 2 at the M. Theotoki Square (San Giacomo) and the Square of St. Spiridon: Altogether 7 groups from 7 nations will take their audience to an around the world trip in choral terms. This day ends on a high note with the traditional Choir Parade through the historic city centre, an UNESCO world cultural heritage, starting at 18.00 at Gymnastirio K. S.C.

The Choir Parade will end at the history-charged Old Fortress with an official welcome, directly followed by the event’s artistic highlight: The Pop Night with three entertaining choirs and jury member Tobias Hug – a former Swingle Singer – will make everybody shake a leg.

September 14 begins at 10:00 with competitions for Mixed Choirs and Female Choirs at the Municipal Theater and will be continued for Mixed Choirs at 19:30. Denmark, China, Thailand, Turkey and Spain are only some of the countries which appear on stage. At 15:00 Orthodox and Sacred Choral Music a cappella will attract aficionados of Orthodox Music Tradition and Non-Orthodox Christian Church Music at the same venue. And those who can’t get enough of choral church music are invited to join the Sacred Choral Music Concert at the 20:30 at St. Georgios Temple and listen to groups from Estonia, Slovakia, Russia and Denmark.

Popular Choral Music & Jazz shape September 15 and start at 10:30 at the Municipal Theatre with choirs from Great Britain, Poland, Argentina, the Netherlands, Greece and Croatia. There is also a Friendship Concert which takes place at 11:00 at the Square of St. Spiridon before the Grand Prize Competition at the Municipal Theater begins at 16:30. The competitions’ best choirs will compete for the Corfu International Choir Prize 2018.

The Awards Ceremony & Closing Concert at 20:30 at the Old Fortress honor the singers and their achievements once again and concurrently invite them to enrich the choral community with their presence at the next edition of the Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition.

The Choir Party at 22:00 at the Old Fortress assembles all participants of the event one last time for a jolly international choral get-together and a late-night celebration of new friendships, mutual stand-up concerts and one common love for music shared by all participants.


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