Hoi An, Vietnam © INTERKULTUR
Vietnam International Choir Competition

Choirs from 10 nations are singing in Hoi An

6th Vietnam International Choir Competition openend

The Vietnam International Choir Competition has opened for the 6th time. With a huge opening ceremony including the entry of nations and a choral world tour with performances of choirs from 5 nations the international choir competition was opened in Hoi An once again, live broadcasted by the Vietnamese national television station QRT.

Special highlight was the singing together of all choirs: They sung "Music beats as one" with the Artistic Director Dang Chau Anh as well as the adjudicators Joshibia de Juan (Philippines) and Johan Rooze (Netherlands) as soloists:

Starting today the choirs compete in competitions of different categories. The competition concert and the final concert for the Grand Prize will be streamed on Facebook, tune in here.

More information about the event can be found on the official event website.