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Celebrating 5 years of ON STAGE events

Anniversary event with a premiere in Albania

Are you curious to sing off the beaten track? In 2020 INTERKULTUR celebrates 5 years of ON STAGE with a premiere event in Albania with choirs from all over the world - welcome to ON STAGE in Albania!

Dare to discover the choral nation that already inspired Lord Byron to praise Albania: “What rainbow tints, what magic charms are found! Rock, river, forest, mountain, all abound, ⁠And bluest skies that harmonize the whole…”

The beauty of nature and history meets the charm of international choral music at the Mediterranean Sea!

From June 10 - 14, 2020 the capital of Tirana offers multiple concert performances with local and international ensembles, workshop possibilities, sightseeing, a joint concert with all participants, and more:

“Choral music is well-known and liked all over the country, maintaining a predominant role over other musical genres. Song and singing have accompanied the Albanians during the centuries of their fight for freedom, independence and prosperity”, Albanian conductor Suzana Turku states in her ICB report “The Tradition of Choral Singing in Albania”.

For sure, ON STAGE participants will be received with open arms by the local choral community and have the chance to discover a hidden musical and touristic gem in Europe.

Shihemi së shpejti në Shqipëri - See you in Albania!

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