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Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Canta al mar 2017 - The Results

Winners of the competition were crowned in Calella

Exciting days full of sining and competition are lying behind the participants of Canta al mar - Festival Coral International in Calella. Tonight in Fabbrica Llobet all choirs learned the results from their competition performances and the Category Winners were crowned. 

Here are all category winners at a glance - let's celebrate them: 

Category B2 Male Choirs - Difficulty level II
Hauka Mannskor (Norway)
conducted by Svetlana Krstic

Category B3 Female Choirs - Difficulty level II
Sorja (Finland)
conducted by Pirjo Kotkaniemi

Category C1 Chamber Choirs of Equal Voices
Hämeenlinnan Mieskuroro (Finland)
conducted by Anneli Julén

Category C2 Chamber Choirs of Mixed Voices
Umeå Studentkör (Sweden)
conducted by Tomas Pleje

Category C3 Vocal Ensembles (Equal & Mixed Voices)
Vokalna Skupina „Vivere“ (Slovenia)
conducted by Nadja Stegne

Category G1 Children’s Choirs
Tallinn Secondary Science School Girls' Choir (Estonia)
conducted by Heli Roos

Category G2 Youth Choirs of equal voices
Jugendchor der Singschule Sense (Switzerland)
conducted by Nicole Schafer

Category S Sacred Choir Music a cappella
Sorja, Finland
conducted by Pirjo Kotkaniemi

Category F Folklore

Mješoviti Hor "Srbadija" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) conducted by Desanka Trakilović & Jelena Milićevic Trakilović

Category P Popular Choral Music

Vocademia Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia)
conducted by Ismi Halida Sofwan & Ronald Wilson

Category J Jazz
Øremazzørene (Norway)
conducted by Hanne Baeverfjord

A complete list of all results is available for download here:

Results_Calella 2017

After the Awards Ceremony, choirs spread out throughout Calella's Old Town and made the city resound at "Calella Sings" before coming together and celebrating the final "Fiesta de la Amistad" with Paella and Sangría.

Thanks to all participants for an amazing "Canta al mar 2017". We hope to see you again next year for the 7th edition of our choir festival in Calella to take place from October 24-28, 2018. Find out more here