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YOU ARE MUSIC – The Official Song of the World Choir Games 2022

Get in tune with Korea and learn the new theme song now!

World Choir Games 2022

We still have the sounds of "Listen" ringing in our ears – the wonderful song of the World Choir Games 2021. And while reveling in memories, it’s time to look forward to something new. Today we’re happy to introduce to you

The Official Song of the World Choir Games 2022

While “Listen” was “a song from the nature to the people, from the people to the nature” according to the words of composer Kurt Bikkembergs, “You Are Music” is a song about the enlightening power of music, even in dark times. A song that gives comfort and strength and, of course, also contains some traditional Korean elements which provide an insight in the music culture of the next host country of the World Choir Games 2022 (July 4-14, 2022).

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A new work composed by Hyo-Won Woo

The message of “You Are Music” perfectly meets the spirit of our current times. After almost two years of COVID-19 pandemic, lyrics like “Sometimes the mist pervades your way, and your aching hearts want to flee. But, I have the key to Magic, to turn the darkness to the light. I gently sing, I gently sing, I gently sing” remind us of the power of song and music, which have always helped people to get through darkest times.

So, it’s time to start preparing! Download the lyrics and music files and learn the song which will be sung at all corners during the World Choir Games 2022 in Gangneung, South Korea! Participating choirs in the World Choir Games 2022 will receive the full scores after their registration.

LYRICS & SCORES (.pdf, extract)


“You Are Music” is written by one of Korea’s most prominent composers, Hyo-Won Woo. Her works blend traditional Korean musical elements and Western technique and include settings of the Latin text, playful spatial music, and arrangements examining wordless human encounters.

She is currently composer-in-residence with the National Chorus in South Korea and was composer-in-residence with the Seoul Ladies’ Singers since 1996, and with the Incheon City Chorale, led by Hak-Won Yoon, from 1999-2014. For over twenty years, the collaboration between Ms. Woo and Mr. Yoon – one of the Honorary Artistic Presidents of INTERKULTUR, the World Choir Games and the World Choir Council – has forged a new path for choral music in Korea.

The registration deadline for the World Choir Games 2022 ends on December 1, 2021. Learn more about the event here!

World Choir Games 2022