Champions Trophy of the World Choir Games 2021 © Jonas Persson

World Choir Games 2021: Celebrating the first CHAMPIONS!

Tears of joy, cheering and emotions at the first Awards Ceremony in Flanders

World Choir Games 2021

It's really hard to believe, but the World Choir Games 2021 - which started with a 15-month delay last Saturday in Flanders, Belgium, are already half over. Today we finally celebrated again the Category Winners of the Open Competition and the World Choir Games Champions. 

Of course the competition was smaller than in previous World Choir Games editions, and the Awards Ceremony of the Virtual Competition is yet to come, but the joy and emotions of the participating choirs in this first part of the event was as big and full of emotions as ever and somehow felt like a liberating blow for the entire choral scene. 

So - finally again - we're happy to announce the results of this first part of competitions: 

The Champions Competition of the World Choir Games

All in all the jury awarded 12 GOLD and 5 SILVER Medals to the participants, and also 5 "Champions of the World Choir Games 2021" were celebrated in tonight's Awards Ceremony, among them even one double Champion: 

Category CC1 - Children's Choirs

"Kivi" Children's Choir, Lithuania
conducted by Danguolė Aukselienė

Category CC3 - Mixed Vocal Ensembles & Chamber Choirs

Vocal Ensemble "Fortissimo", Bulgaria
conducted by Milena Dobreva 

Category CC7 - Musica Sacra a cappella

Maîtrise de Seine-Maritime, France
conducted by Caroline Dercourt, Maria Antiome & Gaël Vincent, Dylan Levesque

CC10 - Gospel & Spiritual

Gospelchor Rejoice, Germany
conducted by Roland Orthaus

Category CC13 - Folklore a cappella

Vocal Ensemble "Fortissimo", Bulgaria
conducted by Milena Dobreva 

The Open Competition of the World Choir Games

In The Open Competition the international jury awarded a total of 7 Gold and 9 Silver Diplomas to the participants and four Category Winners were announced tonight. Congratulations to: 

Category OC1 - Children's Choirs

Waelrant Kinderkoor + , Belgium
conducted by Marleen De Boo

Category OC3 - Mixed Vocal Ensembles & Chamber Choirs

Chamber Choir Flanders, Belgium
conducted by Jeroen Keymeulen

OC7 - Musica Sacra a cappella

Kamerkoor Waelrant, Belgium
conducted by Katelijne Malomgré

Category OC12 - Jazz & Pop Choirs

Zanggroep Just Music, Belgium
conducted by Karin Lauwers

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participating choirs who defied the pandemic and showed everyone:

The choirs are back! 

Check out the list of results here!