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World Choir Games 2020

World Choir Games 2020: The competitions

The Open Competition, The Champions Competition, categories…what is it all about?

To experience the World Choir Games means to participate, to contribute one’s own performance, to compare to others and to experience the enthusiasm of singing together. Every two years, choirs from all parts of the world come together to celebrate a great festival of music, song and joie de vivre.

The beating heart of the World Choir Games is, of course, the competition. 27 different categories at the World Choir Games 2020 serve the wishes and needs of nearly all types of choirs and genres of choral music. A two-level competition ensures a fair contest for singing groups matching their individual skills and ambitions:

World Choir Games - The Champions Competition is designed for experienced choirs that have already proven their level of proficiency at other international competitions. The winners will be awarded Golden, Silver and Bronze Medals and each category winner gets the title and trophy “Champion of the World Choir Games 2018”. These Champions will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience: The whole choir will enter the stage, the national anthem will be sung and the national flag will be raised, while thousands of singers in the audience will cheer for this one choir. Time for goosebumps!

Admission to The Champions Competition is by decision of the Artistic Committee of the World Choir Games. Choirs can apply for this competition, submit qualifications or be delegated.

World Choir Games - The Open Competition names a competition which is open for every choir. It is designed for choirs of any level of proficiency and explicitly those without any or only little competition experience. The participants get to know their artistic level via the evaluation of the jury and are awarded Golden, Silver or Bronze Diplomas. The choir scoring the highest overall number of points with a golden diploma in each category will be awarded the title ”Winner of the World Choir Games – The Open Competition“.

If you’re not sure where to compete, no worries: Choirs also have the opportunity to perform a Qualification Concert on site to be delegated in one of the different competition categories directly by the international jury.

Want to join? Registration for the event is already open, you can find all information about your participation, prices and rates and the registration documents at

Will we see you in Flanders 2020!?