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World Choir Games 2018

#WCG2018 – Meet the Jury

10 questions with Mbuso Ndlovu (South Africa)

Renowned choral experts from 28 different nations are going to evaluate the competition performances at the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. Time to learn more about them!

10 questions with Mbuso Ndlovu (South Africa)

Mbuso is an African Musical Arts Specialist in African Music and Dance, including marimba and African percussion, African traditional and indigenous music. He also works as an active adjudicator, conductor and music director as well as a composer and arranger.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration in life?

It's my 3 years - 8 months old daughter and my family, the Ndlovu Family.

What would you be doing today, if you were not in choral music?

I would be an engineer or a public speaker: e.g. motivational speaker or a preacher.

When did you last sing?


What is the best (and funniest) story to tell from your choral life?

The story is not funny: Long ago, while I was conducting rehearsal, one of the choir members fell sick during choir practice and I wrote a song while they were carrying him outside the rehearsal venue.

Which song never fails to move you?

"Prayer of Saint Francis" - Arranged by Robert Delgado

With whom would you like to sing a duet once in your life?

I actually do not know...

What is the greatest piece of choral literature that has ever been written?

I also do not have an answer for this one.

Acting as adjudicator at choir competitions, what is your main focus of evaluation?

"Artistic impression" - Is the performance moving the listener?

What is your personal advice to choirs/conductors competing at the World Choir Games?

Be true to yourself and enjoy yourself. We all fell in love with music because of what it did to us. I believe we are addicted to that feeling thus we keep chasing it.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I don't believe there's something called a "useless" talent. You will use that talent one day.