Tuks and Tykes singing together © Roger Schmidt
World Choir Games 2018

Tukkies and Tykes together in concert

TUKS Camerata (South Africa) sings together with Barnsley Youth Choir (GB)

Friendship concerts have a long tradition at INTERKULTUR events and offer choirs the chance to make music for and listen to fellow singers from different parts of the world. Thus the Grand Prix of Nations & European Choir Games in Riga continued this popular event and so two Gold medal winners from Africa and Europe met together on stage for the first time: The Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain performed together with the South African TUKS Camerata in a very special and emotional Friendship Concert.

Although competing in completely different categories during the choir competition the two groups had the gift to merge on stage and showcase an enthralling performance – after meeting and singing together in Riga for the first time ever with only 3 hours of rehearsal before. Michael Barrett, conductor of TUKS stated:

„The friendship concert with Barnsley was truly the highlight of our entire tour. Not even winning the Grand Prix came close to that. Thank you for organising that we sing together - I believe my choir has made friends in their choir for life. It is exactly in these moments that the true purpose of music is revealed - and the greatest trophy remains the friendships that are forged between singers from different countries“.

And also the conductor of Barnsley, Mat Wright, agreed:

„The Friendship Concert with Tuks Camerata was such a highlight - Michael and I loved seeing our two choirs come together (…)“.

This harmony between both choirs represents a great example and symbol for the upcoming World Choir Games in Tshwane, South Africa in 2018. And who knows: Maybe Tukkies and Tykes will celebrate a reunion on stage, this time in South Africa at the World Choir Games – and you have not only chance to join in and see them live in 2018 but also to experience the same cross-choral feeling when meeting other international choirs in Tshwane.

So go ahead, register for the World Choir Games 2018 until September 15 and benefit from the Early Bird discounts for Tshwane, South Africa!