Altro Coro

Reunion with friends of choral music

Altro Coro with INTERKULTUR juror Alexander Ryzhinskiy in Sochi

Choir Games

INTERKULTUR is pleased to introduce some choirs, which will attend the biggest choral event worldwide: The World Choir Games in Sochi 2016. The next choir we will present comes from the host country of the World Choir Games 2016.

"The winner of the international and All-Russia competitions Gnesin's Russian Ensemble of contemporary choral music "Altro coro" was created in September, 2010 on the basis of Student's scientific and creative society of Gnesin's Russian academy of music for the promotion of unknown western and domestic composer's compositions of the XX-XXI centuries. The first concert of collective took place on December 17, 2010. During his history the  the collective in various concerts executed A.Shoenberg, S. Gubaidulina, A.Pärt, J. Tavener, H. Holliger, L.Dallapiccola's compositions and other masters. The majority of the presented compositions were executed in Russia for the first time."

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Altro Coro in Wernigerode Altro Coro in Wernigerode

In 2014 the choir "Altro coro" became the Grand Prize Winner of the Int. Franz Schubert Choir Competition in Vienna. 2015 they were successful participants and winners in the category Chamber Choirs of Mixed Voices during the Int. Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition in Wernigerode. Furthermore they achieved the Special Prize for their outstanding interpretation of the piece "Pater noser" by Alfred Schnittke.

The conductor of the Ensemble – Alexander Ryzhinskiy – graduated from conductor's and choral faculty of Gnesin's Russian Academy of music in 2005, postgraduate study in 2008. With the choir he won the All-Russia competitions. Since 2009 Alexander works in Gnesin's Russian Academy of music as the senior teacher at two chairs: theories of music and conducting by the academic chorus.

Anyone who has looked closely, will have recognized, that Alexander Ryzhinskiy worked as juror in Calella (Canta al mar). We are pleased to welcome him and his choir as participants of the World Choir Games 2016.