Stellenbosch University Choir, South Africa © Studi43
World Choir Games 2018

Music from South Africa: Where Africa Meets the West

Be inspired at the World Choir Games 2018

South Africa is a singing nation. Known by many as the “Rainbow Nation”, it is no surprise that the music reflects a colorful and vibrant nation. This multi-cultural society combined with a nations’ love for singing, has resulted in a pulsating fusion of African and Western elements, creating a unique style of choral music. It is the music of the present that reflects a young, strong and united people and a nation that is still growing.

The World Choir Games 2018 will be an embodiment of South African Choral Music meeting Western and also Eastern elements of choral music. The huge celebration of singers from all corners of the world will be a festival of music, intercultural exchange, learning and getting inspired by each other on all sides.

To get an idea of what to expect, watch this video from a workshop at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 & European Choir Games in Latvia. Conductor Dr. Michael Barret and Tuks Camerata – one of the leading choral ensembles in the country – present music from South Africa in an interactive workshop with international participants.



Registration for the World Choir Games 2018 is open. Send all your documents until September 15 in order to benefit from the discounts for early registrations. More information and all documents you need are available at