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World Choir Games 2018

More than a choir – a family of singers at the World Choir Games 2018

South African youth choir joins the international choral community in Tshwane

Named after the South African province in the North-East, the Mpumalanga Youth Choir was originally established in 1981 as the Eastern Transvaal Youth Choir and led by conductor Renette Bouwer. During the years the group developed into an international prize-winning choir and currently sings under the direction of Andre Oosthuizen. Due to his conducting skills the singers participated in the Talent Africa competition in 2015 and were subsequently invited to participate in Talent America in New York.

In 1989 they undertook their first European tour to Austria, followed by another competition tour to Europe in 1995 where they were awarded a first prize as well as a distinction as the best youth choir at the Advent Competition in Prague. In 2004 they joined the same event again and achieved a silver medal in the category Young Adult Choirs. During the past 35 years the singers have also toured to numerous South African provinces and usually give performances in Mpumalanga and its surroundings throughout the year.

This multi-racial choir consists of approximately 70 members and its repertoire comprises music from a wide range of genres, periods, established and upcoming composers as well as ethnic music. One main invaluable aspect for the choir’s successes and further development is the engaged support and involvement of the singers’ parents. Their support creates a familial atmosphere for singers, relatives, fellow pupils and followers.

We are family…. Experience the choral corporate feeling of the Mpumalanga Youth Choir live in Tshwane at the World Choir Games 2018 and get more information here or the event’s Facebook page!