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Looking for the German Choir Champion

The first Deutsche Chormeisterschaft 2020 turns Koblenz into a hub of choral music

For the first time INTEKULTUR is organizing a national choir competition for German choirs: The Deutsche Chormeisterschaft. The city of Koblenz will host this national choral event and attract singers from all over the country to Rhineland-Palatinate from November 6-8, 2020. A new competition concept will ensure exciting festival days:

The participating German singers will be able to compete in the categories Mixed Choirs, Male Choirs, Female Choirs, Children’s and Youth Choirs. They will have the chance to qualify through two rounds into the final: The first round is a Diploma Competition, open to any choir from Germany. Those who present excellent skills here will qualify to the next higher Medal Competition, which is open also to choirs, which qualified through excellent results from other competitions. The final will be among the two best choirs of each category. The winning choir will be awarded the official title “Deutscher Chormeister 2020” in each category.

In collaboration with the city of Koblenz, INTERKULTUR is organizing this musical event in order to support the German choral scene and give great impetus to the local and regional choral scene of Koblenz and surroundings. This will be made possible through connecting the participating choirs during the event and get them in touch with international jurors and experts from all over the world during the event.

Along with the competition a highl-level festival program will provide many musical highlights, such as a concert with the Germa vocal ensemble amarcord, a night program in the churches and open singing projects for the audience.

Please note that the competition is only open for choirs from Germany. International choirs are welcome to join the festival part.

Please learn more at chormeisterschaft.de!