World Choir Games 2018

Group spirit + love of music = Cgals Chamber Choir

Female choir from Namibia about to conclude triple World Choir Games participation

The Cgals Ladies’ Ensemble started in 1998 in Swakopmund, Namibia under the conductorship of Wilna Liebenberg. Due to interest in the neighbouring town, the ‘once-a-week’ practice session in Swakopmund extended to another practice session in Walvis Bay. Over the years, the Cgals have given various concerts at the coast and have sung in joint concerts with the University Choir of Potchefstroom, the Stellenbosch College Choir, Cantare Audire Choir and the Voices of Namibia Ensemble. In 2012 the Cgals were invited to Norway, and performed at various venues around Kristiansand, the twin city of Walvis Bay. All the money made from concerts in Norway was ploughed back into the Sunshine Centre, Walvis Bay, an institution which provides support to local children who are differently abled, have disabilities and disorders.

What makes this choir unique is that the members are from all walks of life (the age difference between the oldest and the youngest member is 51 years!) and consists of different cultural groups of Namibia. This group is a private choir where members have to pass an audition and the group is open to all ladies residing at the coast of Namibia. The Cgals Ladies Ensemble have over the years become a household name in Namibia, not only because of their singing ability, but also for their love of fun, group spirit and the love for music that they share. The standard of the Cgals improved drastically from a laid-back social group practicing for specific concerts when they started doing examinations in 2010. Theyattended the 8th World Choir Games in 2014 in Riga, Latvia and the 9th World Choir Games held in Sochi, Russia in 2016, both events participating in the Open Category. At the 9th World Choir Games in Sochi, they were the winners of the Musica Sacra with accompaniment division. The Cgals Chamber Choir will be competing in the Championship Competition at the 10th World Choir Games in Tshwane in 2018 as well and will be participating in three categories, namely Musica Sacra with accompaniment, Musica Contemporanea and the Female Chamber Choir division.

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