Greetings to Gangneung

Greetings to Gangneung

A friendship concert of the Chinese sister city Jiaxing, with a view to the 12th World Choir Games

World Choir Games 2023

INTERKULTUR proudly presents the “Friendship City Concert” on July 13th as a highlight of the “Greetings to Gangneung” series event on the occasion of the one-year countdown to the 12th World Choir Games Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

The “Friendship City Concert” consists of 7 choirs from Nanhu District, Jiaxing city in China. It brings profound significance, since Jiaxing was Gangneung’s first sister city from China. The 7 choirs are: Jiaxing City Nanhu Shiyun Choir, Jiaxing Nanhu Hesheng Choir, Jiaxing Nanhu Fucheng Sunshine Choir, Jiaxing Lieren Male Choir, Jiaxing Nanhu Choir, Jiaxing Nanhu Xinghai Choir, and Jiaxing Sanshuiwan Primary School DoReMi Choir. On behalf of all the choral lovers from the city, Liang Xueqin, President of Jiaxing Nanhu Chorus Association expressed heartfelt wishes for the World Choir Games in Gangneung next year, and hope that this will be the opportunity to enhance the friendship and cooperation between the two cities in the future. Liang Xueqin also shared basic information about Nanhu District of Jiaxing city. There are nearly 200 choirs in the district with more than 10,000 singers, who are hoping to be able to participate in the World Choir Games in Gangneung next year. At the same time, they welcome choirs from the Republic of Korea with all their heart to visit the city of Jiaxing and explore the 18th Nanhu Chorus Festival.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between China and the Republic of Korea. May the friendship between the two nations and its people last forever. May all the choral lovers around the world enjoy the cheerful music and loving friendship the concert brings.

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