European Choir Games 2019

Gothenburg 2019 - Highlights of August 4

First day of competitions and Friendship Concerts

First day of competitions and Friendship Concerts! A perfect day and opportunity to experience choral styles from all over the world for free! Here’s an overview of highlights waiting for you today:

11:30 The event’s first Grand Prix competition takes place in the Stora Teatern and shows one of the most popular categories of the event: The first of the altogether four competition parts of Folklore a cappella presents lively and country-specific European and Asian choral sounds, which will make you longing for even more choral music.

15:00 Make your day special at the Domkyrkan with solemn music from the first part of the Open Competition Musica Sacra with accompaniment, which is continued at 16:00 at the same venue. Choirs from Ghana, Latvia and Sweden will bring their sacred choral traditions on stage and maybe qualify for the next competition level.

16:30 The Artisten Sjöströmssalen is the venue for Adult Choirs of the Champions Competition. Nine choirs from six different countries will present their repertoire to the jury and the expectant audience - give it a try!

20:30 The day ends like it has begun at the Stora Teatern with the Open Competition category Gospel, Spiritual and Music of Spirit & Faith. The nations of Finland, Indonesia and the USA can be seen on stage during passionate performances while competing for gold, silver and bronze.

Meet the choral nations: Sweden, Canada, Finland, Romania, Norway and China are performing the first international Friendship Concerts of this event today!

The complete overview for today can be downloaded here (pdf, 96 KB), the official program book including the schedule for the whole week is available here.