European Choir Games 2019

Gothenburg 2019 - Highlights of Aug 8

Starting in the next competition categories

This day is truly a day to remember: Eight different competitions of all three competition levels (Open Competition, Champions Competition, Grand Prix Competition) will take place at five different venues - be sure to schedule at least some of it!

10:30 at the Universiteitsaulen Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles of the Open Competition start the day for choral music lovers. Join in and have a guess which nation might qualify for the Champions or even the Grand Prix Competition!

14:30 at the Artisten-Sjöströmssalen the second part of the Open Competition of the popular category Children’s Choirs shows the youngsters of the contest on stage. Get an impression of their professional performances and give kudos to their achievements in the setting of an overwhelming international choir event!

17:00 Folklore with accompaniment will enchant the guests at the Artisten-Sjöströmssalen. This category regularly attracts a large number of choral fans due to its exceptional music styles and costumes - see for yourself!

20:00 Stora Teatern: Jazz, Pop, Show Choirs, Grand Prix of Nations: This high-class contest of international top ensembles is a crowd puller due to its energetic and mesmerizing and action-bound presentations – join in and let them sweep you away!

Throughout the day numerous Friendship Concerts will take place and offer an excellent and varied insight into the music of choral nations all over the world - e.g. at 14:00 at the Kungstorget Open Air Stage, at 15:45 at the Trädgårdsföreningen Circus, at 16:00 at the Vasakyrkan, at 19:00 at Lekhuset, Nääs, …

The complete guide for today can be downloaded here.

The complete and overall program can be downloaded here.