Photo: Jonas Persson
European Choir Games 2019

Gothenburg 2019 - Highlights of Aug 6

First Awards Ceremony tonight!

It’s all about the Grand Prix– today only this category choirs will be performing and be evaluated by the renowned jury.

09:00 A difficult choice to make: 3 high-class categories take place at the same time so decide if you like to start your choral day rather spiritually at the Stora Teatern with Gospel, Spiritual, Music of Spirit and Faith, or rather in a more sacred way at the Domkyrkan with Musica Sacra acc. or in a youthful manner with Youth Choirs at the Universitetsaulan.

13:00 is the time to enjoy the last enthralling performances of Folklore a cappella at the Stora Teatern where the last category winners of the first event part will be nominated by the jury and then later on be honored during the Award Ceremony in the evening.

20:00 The first ceremonial and exciting Award Ceremony of the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 & 4. European Choir Games takes place in the Partille Arena and summons all participating singers of the first part in order to celebrate and honor their achievements and performances. The category winners will be announced but EVERY choir will be awarded according to its competition category and results – time to celebrate!

The complete guide for today can be downloaded here.

The complete and overall program is available at