Morten Boerup Choir from Denmark during the performance

Facets of popular music in Magdeburg

A fascinating program in the categories Pop & Jazz

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Monday evening. Johanniskirche. The rows are well-filled by the audience and everyone is looking forward to the performances of the choirs. What`s is Pop & Jazz in choral singing? Maybe songs, which are well-known from the radio and have the recognition value? Songs to sing along? An entertaining show on stage? All that and much more was offered to the jury and the audience yesterday.

The Danish group Morten Boerup Choir was accompanied by their fan’s cheering, waving flags and shouts of joy. 18 girls and 2 boys sung barefooted and began their concert program with a short ballet show. Three famous pop songs, „Price Tag“ (originally by Jessie J.), „I will survive“ (orig. by Gloria Gaynor) and „It`s raining men“ (orig. by The Weather Girls) were perfectly staged: different dance-choreographies, sunglasses and wigs served as accessories was well as acting moments during their performance thrilled the audience.

Also The Blue Notes’ Guys presented various facets of them and f popular music. The a cappella boy-group showed interesting arrangements and medleys of well-known pop songs. In jazzy accords and daring harmonic shifts the singers showed their singing skills from the deepest tones of the bass till the highest tones of the countertenor. Besides the range of tones every singer acted as a stereotype particularly with regard to the performance: eyes closed, setting a course with hands etc. So they pushed their emotions with more expression.

Only these two examples showed us, how manifold and entertaining popular music can be with all its musical divisions.

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