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World Choir Games 2018

Education, competitions & fundraising

Cuban Ensemble Vocal Luna pursues a wide range of choral activities

The Cuban Ensemble Vocal Luna was founded in 2002 by Sonia McCormack and is being conducted by Wilmia Verrier since 2011. The choir is Cuba's only all-female choir on a professional level and consists of 16 singers of equal voices who are graduates of both middle and superior music schools from across the country.

Due to their performances in choral festivals and competitions on national and international level, Ensemble Vocal Luna strives to present an extensive repertoire that covers a large variety of composers, styles and genres of the international choral canon.

The singer’s hard work paid off when they had the opportunity to sing for even two Popes: For Benedict XVI (in 2012) and Francis (in 2015) during the two masses which took place in Havana.

In 2007 Ensemble Vocal Luna created a community project for children to promote the interest in choral singing since very early ages. Conducted by members from the Vocal Luna Choir this project aims at developing children's musical skills as well as improving their concentration, discipline and team work capacities.

In 2018 the singers head for the World Choir Games in Tshwane, South Africa and will be representing their country as the only Cuban choir so far. In order to bring the singers to South Africa they have created a fundraising campaign at where they collect for their tour and participation the categories Female Chamber Choirs and Musica Contemporanea (contemporary music).

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