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European Choir Games 2019

Cardía - sing with all your heart!

Swedish choir joins the European Choir Games 2019

Many choirs at INTERKULTUR events have creative names such as the Heavenly Jewels (Ghana) or Deep Space (China). The name of the Swedish choir Cardia derives from the Greek word “Kardia”, which means heart and symbolizes, according to the singers, their purpose and intention. The vocal ensemble was founded 13 years ago with members of Gothenburg’s Guldhedskyrkan church choir.

Eva Sundqvist is the conductor and also founder of Cardia. She composes own choral music arrangements also for the choir and thus contributes to the distinctive repertoire, giving the group an own sound and profile. It is important for the singers to have a broad repertoire available and they are equally fond of performing music composed by the great masters, folk music, pop and contemporary pieces. One of their ambitions is to sing the whole repertoire without sheet music “in order to be fully present, to become one with the music and the lyrics no matter the genre”. Every year Cardia arranges popular spring and Christmas concerts and has also developed a so-called scenic choir concert where different kinds of texts, such as monologues, drama and oral reflections, interact with the songs of the choir.

Six years ago they achieved Gold at INTERKULTUR’s Canta al mar in Calella/ Spain. This year in Gothenburg they want to compete in the Grand Prix of Nations & 4th European Choir Games – we wish them all the best for their performances!

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