Tonal Choir, Iran © Tonal Choir
Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017

Bringing Iran choral music to the world

Three choral groups from Tehran join the Asia Pacific Choir Games

Registration deadline for the Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017 on April 24 is approaching. There are already 41 choirs registered – three of them come from Iran, a country which is less known in the world for its choral music scene but nevertheless bears fantastic choirs.

Tonal Choir was founded in 2014 by Tonal Music Academy and is conducted by Milad Omranloo, Iran’s representative in the World Choir Council. The group aims to perform musical works of contemporary Iran and international composers and promote choral music worldwide. The singers perform all over the country in social and charity concerts. By joining the Asia Pacific Choir Games in Colombo 2017 they enter INTERKULTUR’s international choir stage for the first time.

The second Iran choir to join the event is Avaye Mahan Choir under the direction of Nima Fatehi. The group’s repertoire covers a variety of music tradition including “Romantic Cantats” concerts (focusing on Romantic and contemporary pieces), “Old Songs” together with pop-classic orchestra, “international and Folklore songs” and “Renaissance research” concerts. Avaye Mahan is aiming to improve its ranking by attending creditable international festivals, as well as helping to spread music culture and specially choir singing inside their home country. In 2015 they were part of the INTERKULTUR event “Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional” in Spain, participation in the Asia Pacific Choir Games is the group’s next big step on their way to get international recognition.

Peace Choir is the third group from Tehran to travel to Sri Lanka, directed by singing teacher and choir director Mohamad Rezapour Moghadam. Peace Choir is the first Iranian a cappella choir which focuses mainly on European Classic music, and started its activities as a subset of "Navaye Shahr Ashoob" music institute in Tehran, by preparing some Renaissance sacred music pieces, composed by Thomas Tallis, and some folk music pieces of Iran and other countries. The group has already taken part in several national and international music festivals and faces now its longest journey so far when participating in the Asia Pacific Choir Games in Sri Lanka.

If you want to meet these great choirs from Iran in Colombo you still got a chance! Registration for the event is still open until April 24. Order now all information directly to you inbox by filling in this online form.