© Photo: La Why
World Choir Games 2020

365 days

Countdown for the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders

Ghent and Antwerp, the host cities of the World Choir Games 2020, are now in the starting blocks for the world's largest choir competition, which is expected to attract 500 choirs from 80 nations with more than 25,000 singers. In exactly one year, on July 5, 2020, the spectacular opening ceremony of the event will start in the Sportpaleis Antwerp and will bring together the choir community from all over the world for the 11th time.

The way there was smoothed by the close interaction and networking of different choir-related institutions of Belgium and Flanders: The initiative of EventFlanders, a cooperation with the Flemish Tourism Department, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Media and the Foreign Ministry as well as the cooperation with the cities of Antwerp and Ghent and the Flemish choir organisation Koor&Stem make this INTERKULTUR event possible. The Minister of Tourism Ben Weyts, the Minister of Culture Sven Gatz and the Mayors of Antwerp and Ghent, Bart De Wever and Mathias De Clercq, came together this week for the first joint photos and expressed their views on the upcoming festivities:

“With the World Choir Games we bring an international top event to Flanders and with that thousands of tourists. This way we gain a boost to our economy and worldwide recognition”, Ben Weyts mentioned. The Minister of Culture, Sven Gatz, added: “The World Choir Games are an amazing initiative to show the passion of the choirs to the entire Flemish population.” Bart De Wever, Mayor of Antwerp, stressed that “Antwerp looks forward to giving the participants of the World Choir Games an unforgettable experience filled with culture, fashion, gastronomy and shopping.” Mathias De Clercq, Mayor of Ghent, finally pointed out: Music brings people together. Where better to do so than in a bustling city that greatly values music and celebrations. Ghent, as UNESCO Creative City of Music, is the ideal host city for the World Choir Games.

More information about the World Choir Games is available at www.wcg2020.be as well as www.wcg2020.com and of course at Facebook!