European Choir Games 2019

Lovely Gothenburg

A warm host for the Grand Prix of Nations & European Choir Games

Gothenburg is a nearly 400 years old seaport located on the Swedish west coast. It is the second largest city in Sweden with 540,000 […]

World Choir Games 2018

“More culture than agriculture!”

Veterinarians on their way to the World Choir Games 2018

Looking at the Onderstepoort Community Choir’s photo gives you a déjà vu? But this is no show element, this is the choir’s workwear – and […]

Choir Games

Choir conductor for one day?

Support the Crowdfunding Project of Neuer Kammerchor Berlin!

Travelling to the World Choir Games in South Africa requires creative ways of digging up money for travel costs and other expenses. The Neu […]

World Choir Games 2018

John Rutter composes new anthem for the World Choir Games

World premiere at the Opening of the WCG 2018 in South Africa

Since the year 2000, when the first World Choir Games (WCG) were held in Linz, Austria, the “Choir Olympic Hymn” has traditionally sounded […]

World Choir Games 2018

Education, competitions & fundraising

Cuban Ensemble Vocal Luna pursues a wide range of choral activities

The Cuban Ensemble Vocal Luna was founded in 2002 by Sonia McCormack and is being conducted by Wilmia Verrier since 2011. The choir is […]

World Choir Games 2020

Official Candidate Cities for the next World Choir Games

Where will the world's largest international choir competition go in 2020?

The region of Flanders in Belgium including the cities of Antwerp and Ghent as well as the Region Gangwon in South Korea with PyeongChang […]

World Choir Games 2018

World Choir Games 2018 meet Olympic Winter Games 2018

South Korean Show Choir "Harmonize" sings in PyeongChang

Officially founded in March 2013, the South Korean Show Choir "Harmonize" made a quickstart in terms of choral competitions. When […]

World Choir Games 2018

Lagos City Chorale ready for its 4th World Choir Games

Listen to Nigeria’s Multi-International Award Winning Choir in Tshwane

Lagos City Chorale was founded in February 1988 by the late Senator Lere Adesina and Music Director and Conductor Sir Emeka Nwokedi, who is […]

World Choir Games 2018

Collegium Musicum meets Africa’s vibrant choral traditions

University of Warsaw represents Poland at the World Choir Games 2018

In 1994 the employees and graduates of the University of Warsaw established the Chór Kameralny Collegium Musicum Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego  […]

World Choir Games 2018

Group spirit + love of music = Cgals Chamber Choir

Female choir from Namibia about to conclude triple World Choir Games participation

The Cgals Ladies’ Ensemble started in 1998 in Swakopmund, Namibia under the conductorship of Wilna Liebenberg. Due to interest in the […]