International Choral Scene

Pohlheim celebrates the Day of Music

The German Music Council calls for a singing together

According to the Motto "Welcome in Germany – Music makes home" the Day of Music will take place from June 17-19, 2016 in Germany. Already […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

Inspire the world through singing

A short introduction of the choir "Chorona Buseck e.V."

"It’s Thuesday evening: Voices, hugs, chair-moving. About 50 people have gathered in the Brandsburg in Alten-Buseck near Gießen and are […]

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

Grab the world heritage

Registration deadline extended to June 13

After last year’s first successful festival in Greece INTERKULTUR brings now the choirs to another Greek destination: Corfu. From October […]

Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Familiar faces in Calella

The Aventura Chamber Choir joins the choral festival for the second time

This fall, from October 19 – 23, the beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea will be made resound by to date 50 choirs from 24 different […]

Vietnam International Choir Competition

Vietnam – discover the land of the ascending dragon

Choir competition in Hoi An presents traditional experiences

In these days it’s only one more year to go until the world of choirs will be meeting for the 5th time already for the choir competition in […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

Men’s Choir „Eintracht“ 1869 Breidenstein

A choir of long tradition will be guest in Pohlheim

Next weekend, from June 17-19, 2016, 46 German choirs will compete in a national competition, organized by Hessian choirs "Harmonie" and […]

Latest news

Back to Cincinnati!

Meet INTERKULTUR at the Chorus America Conference

Cincinnati USA was the host of the 7th World Choir Games in 2012, in 2016 it welcomes conductors, composers and choral mangers for Chorus […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

Afterwork Choir

You can never sing enough!

On the occasion of the anniversary of two local choirs – "Harmonie" and "Sängerkranz" – choirs will bring the Hessian Pohlheim to sound from […]

World Choir Games 2018

Host city of the World Choir Games 2018 to be announced

On June 17 the choral world will get great news

2018 is a festive year for INTERKULTUR: The world’s leading organizer of international choral competitions and festivals will be celebrating […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

The Men’s Quintet „Handvoll“

Hessian dialect and sacred choral music at the national competition

The Male Quintet "Handvoll" was founded in 2005 out of the Men’s Choir of the choral association "Sängerlust" 1881 Oppenrod E.V. near […]