International Choral Scene

Gregory Simms presents his country and its choral music

The member of the World Choir Council from Jamaica, Gregory Simms, presents his country and its choral music. He is Principal Director of […]

„My little country Jamaica is known all over the world for beautiful white sand beaches, mesmeric reggae music and athletic superstars.  We […]

Your Voice

How to sing in a correct way

As member of a choir you deal intensively with your own voice and its sound. Although the voice is just one part of the choral sound, you […]

Some singers get a professional voice training to learn, how to sing right – maybe you too. But what means 'correct singing'? There are […]

World of Voices

One canon, two choirs, a lot of music

INTERKULTUR is looking for captive stories about how your choir got started, raised funds for its concert trips, stories about an […]

The Frauenchor Grenzland was one of 324 choirs from 60 nations at the 1st World Choir Games (former Choir Olympics), which picked the […]

European Choir Games 2015

Treasures in Magdeburg

European Choir Games rehearsals done, competitions completed and in the mood for some sort of scavenger hunt throughout Magdeburg this […]

No idea what this is about? No problem, we've collected a few links for you: Find a short explanation here. And a short introductional […]

Latest news

Cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the ICV

Focus on new projects and expanded international network

Founded in 1992 the International Conductors Association (ICV) represents an (inter)national forum for choral conductors and supports e.g. […]