International Choral Scene

25 years of German Unity

A spectacular program for the festive event in Frankfurt on the Main

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the German Unity on October 3, 2015 Millions of people gathered in the Hessian metropolis […]

International Choral Scene

“Welcoming and Get-Together Choir" in Berlin

Voluntary singers and refugees get to know each other via singing

Currently Europe proves to be an open-minded and friendly host for many people seeking asylum and fleeing from areas of conflicts all over […]

Competitions & Festivals

A big applause for international choirs

The 1st International Choir Festival Puccini excels with a high level of artistic achievement

From September 30 until October 3, 14 choirs from 11 different nations gathered and enchanted the small town Torre del Lago Puccini with […]

Puccini 2015

Puccini 2015: These are the winners

International choirs achieve impressive results in Torre del Lago Puccini

The Female Choir “Venda” from Latvia is the overall winner at the 1st International Choir Festival Puccini 2015 in Torre del Lago Puccini. […]

Competitions & Festivals

The nominated choirs have been announced

Singing for the Grand Prize –Torre del Lago Puccini 2015

After all competition categories have finished and all choirs performed, the international jurors announced the best choirs, which will […]

Competitions & Festivals

The church San Paolino unites international choirs

A Singing Together in honor of Giacomo Puccini

Following the competition in the category Sacred Choral Music all participating singers have united to one big choir. Under the direction of […]

Puccini 2015

The festival has officially been opened

After the Opening Concert the first competition is following

The 1st International Choir Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago Puccini was opened yesterday at 18h by INTERKULTUR Artistic Director Romāns […]

Competitions & Festivals

Puccini begins this evening

European and Asian choirs sing for the official festival’ start

Today is the day: the 1st International Choir Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago Puccini will be official opened. 14 choirs from 11 […]



The meeting place for choral music

In a few days the exhibition will start and welcomes the European choral scene in Dortmund/Germany. Numerous choral lovers, […]

Competitions & Festivals

Choirs singing on the trail of Giacomo Puccini

The 1st International Choir Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago Puccini starts tomorrow

For the first time the Italian city Torre del Lago Puccini becomes the meeting place for choirs from all over the world. From September 30 – […]