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World Choir Council meets for the second time this year

Second Regional Meetings of 2022 in November

World Choir Council

From November 17-18, three regional meetings of the World Choir Council took place, where members met online. The subject of the meetings this time were presentations by a total of 5 guest speakers on various topics.

In total, nearly 100 participants from around the world attended the Regional Meetings, including members of the World Choir Council and invited guests.

The focus of the November 2022 Regional Meetings was primarily on presentations from Gangneung (Republic of Kroea), as host city of the 12th World Choir Games 2023 and Norrköping (Sweden) as host of the 5th European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023, as well as presentations on the current choral scene in Sweden and Korea. Additionally, the choral city of Hainan from China was featured during the Asia/Pacific/Middle East Meeting.

We are very honored to have been able to attract different personalities to match the presentation topics and introduce them to our World Choir Council members and guests. The guest speakers from Sweden were Viveca Valgren (PROJECT MANAGER HOSTCITY OF EUROPEAN CHOIR GAMES) and Anna Rosén (CHAIRMAN OF THE SWEDISH CHORAL CONDUCTOR’S ASSOCIATION). From Korea we could win Ryan Goessl (MEMBER OF THE WORLD CHOIR COUNCIL REGIONAL COMMITTEE) and Kymin Kim (INTERKULTUR KOREA, REPRESENTATIVE AND OFFICE MANAGER) as guest speakers. Zhang De-mei (VICE PRESIDENT OF CHINA CHORAL ASSOCIATION) was responsible for the presentation regarding Hainan.

All members of the World Choir Council who attended the meetings were pleased to have the opportunity to learn information about the two host cities, to learn more about the different choral cultures, and to discuss cultural differences, similarities, and different measures and approaches to working with choral singers. Many feedbacks INTERKULTUR has received shows that the presentations inspired the members and guests to travel to the presented countries and cities and immerse themselves in the culture.

In addition, the first "virtual" World Choir Council reception was held on Nov 18, 2023. The World Choir Council Forum was intended as a pilot project on the Wonder online platform as an additional opportunity for networking and exchange where guests and members had the possibility to deepen their talks and discussions after the Regional Meetings.

nteresting conversations took place during the reception, which lasted nearly an hour, and we are pleased that despite less attendance as before, the guests recognized the possibilities and opportunities of this platform and encouraged us to pursue and repeat the World Choir Council Forum.

We would like to thank all participants of the 2nd Regional Meetings 2022 for their participation. INTERKULTUR hopes to continue the exchange in the future and use the results to adapt future projects even better to the needs of the choral scene.

The World Choir Council will meet for the next time during the World Choir Games in Korea 2023 (July 3-13, 2023).

The next Regional Meetings will take place during the European Choir Games in Norrköping (28.10.2023 - 05.11.2023). More information about the General Conference and the Regional Meetings will be announced at a later date.

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