Günter Titsch receives the certificate of honor from Prof. Friedrich Lessky © INTERKULTUR

Schubert-Gesellschafts awards INTERKULTUR President with honorary membership

Günter Titsch honored in recognition of his contributions to choral music

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the International Franz Schubert Choir Competition in Vienna INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch was awarded a special honor: The Schubert-Gesellschaft Wien-Lichtental presented the honorary membership to im in recognition of his contributions to Schubert’s music.

On May 5, 2016 at 5pm the organizers and representatives of participating choirs had gathered in Vienna’s town hall for the Mayor’s traditional reception prior to the competition and attended the festive distinction. “Günter Titsch is an excellent manager and a well-known expert and representative in the international choral scene, who has been awarded several times,” said laudator Herbert Wild, honorary president of the Austrian Choral Association in his laudatory speech. Futher he said: “We, the board of advisers and the board of trustees of the Schubert-Gesellschaft Wien-Lichtental, like to thank Mr Günter Titsch for his dedication and innovative participation in the International Schubert Competition and in appreciation of his work Mr. Titsch has been selected for the honorary membership of the Schubert Society.”

Accompanied by the audience’s applause Günter Titsch accepted the certificate in person from the vice president of the Schubert-Gesellschaft, Prof. Friedrich Lessky. “I am proud and delighted to receive this honorary membership. After 20 years of collaboration and as a member of the board of trustees I was nominated to by my long-time friend Prof. Friedrich Lessky I feel very close to this association not only in a professional but also personal way.”

There are only a few personalities so far that were awarded a honorary membership of the Schubert-Gesellschaft Wien-Lichtental. Among them are famous people like chamber singer Univ.-Prof. Robert Holl, the Japanese composer and conductor Tatsuji Hajashi, Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn and from now on also INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch.

The International Franz Schubert Choir Competition was organized by the Schubert-Gesellschaft Wien-Lichtental in Vienna since 1986. In 2007 INTERKULTUR has been taking over the organization of the competition in collaboration with the Schubert Gesellschaft and since then has successfully been organizing it every two years.

Certificate © INTERKULTUR

This year’s anniversary event is being held from May 4-8, 2016 with roughly 1600 participants.

The artistic highlight will be a Sing Along Concert together with the Berlin Radio Choir under the direction of Simon Halsey. Roughly 900 singers will bring Schubert’s Mass No. 6 in E flat major on stage in Vienna Concert Hall on Sunday, May 8 at 6pm.

More information can be found here. Please follow the event also on Facebook.