Yang Hongnian

Mourning for Prof. Yang Hongnian

Leading personality of Chinese choral culture and Honorary Artistic President of the World Choir Games deceased

World Choir Council

Professor Yang Hongnian, conductor, music pedagogue and Honorary Artistic President of the World Choir Games, died on 26 July 2020 at the age of 86. Professor Yang was a prominent figure in the Chinese choral community and was one of the most famous choral conductors and teachers in the country. For many decades, he promoted the development of choral music in his home country with great commitment and all his strength.

Since 2002, almost since the start of the World Choir Games, the Olympics of Choral Music, Prof. Yang supported INTERKULTUR's work and the various activities for the international choral community as a close advisor and friend. His innovative ideas and his professional and friendly manner have had a lasting influence on the development of the World Choir Games.

As an educator, his advice to all choirs was that in order to improve, one must go out into the world and broaden one's horizon. For him, choral music was the key to connecting people and living together peacefully. His departure leaves a great void in the world of choirs. However, his achievements and his influence on the Chinese, but also the international choral community remain unforgotten and his spirit will continue to embrace us during the World Choir Games.

On behalf of INTERKULTUR, the World Choir Council and all colleagues worldwide, President Günter Titsch offers heartfelt condolences to his dear wife Prof. Tang Chongqing and his son Prof. Yang Li. The choral world has lost a treasured person, a good friend and supporter. Our thoughts are with his relatives and friends.

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