INTERKULTUR’s first Online Choir Competition

INTERKULTUR Video Award for the best Virtual Choir Video


The creativity of choirs worldwide in dealing with the contact bans due to the current Corona pandemic currently has no limits: New technologies are being explored, new ideas for online rehearsals are implemented and even innovative online concerts have already taken place.

INTERKULTUR wants to encourage this new choral creativity, give singers a worldwide platform to perform and present their skills – and say thank you to all the singers who, despite the current great challenges, continue to keep alive the hope and anticipation of the "time after" for all of us. The INTERKULTUR Video Award is supposed to be a motivation for choirs from all over the world, not to give up and stay strong until we all will finally meet again on a real, big stage.

Until June 30, 2020 existing amateur choirs can hand in a yet unpublished virtual choir video with a song of their choice, which will be presented on the new platform INTERKULTUR.TV then. 

The Award will be given in the categories “Choirs a cappella” and “Choirs with accompaniment” and the winners will be published on July 15, 2020. An additional Special Prize will be awarded for the best interpretation of the INTERKULTUR motto “Singing together brings nations together.“ The main evaluation criteria for all competition entries will consider choral performance, production and creativity.

The guidelines for the INTERKULTUR Video Award are available for download here:

Guidelines_INTERKULTUR Video Award (PDF, 104 KB)

The registration form can be found here:

Registration Form_INTERKULTUR Video Award (PDF, 87 KB) 

A folder with a summary of the project and some additional information can be downloaded here: 

Folder_INTERKULTUR Video Award (PDF, 64 KB)

All submissions should be send via WeTransfer to video-award(at)interkultur.com

Regular updates about the INTERKULTUR Video Award will be published on the INTERKULTUR official Facebook page and on www.interkultur.tv