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From Boys' Choirs to Male Choirs: The Inheritance of Choral Culture

“Hello Council” Online Talk in September mit Jürgen Faßbender und Su Yanhui

World Choir Council

On September 17 the 8th "Hello Council" online talk came on live with guest speakers Mr Jürgen Faßbender, German representative of World Choir Council and Ms Su Yanhui, conductor of South China Normal University Choir. The topic to discuss was "Male Choir".

In the live talk, taking three classic Chinese male choir repertoires as examples, Ms Su Yanhui introduced the creative process and characteristics of Chinese chorus works in different periods along the development history of Chinese chorus in the past century.

Deeply engaging in the training of male choir for many years, Jürgen Faßbender not only introduced the situation of German male choirs, but also shared his list of more than 400 chorus works for male choir, which was a special benefit to the “Hello Council” audience.

"As we all know, there are many famous boys' choirs in Europe, and the members of these boys' choirs will take part in male choirs in adulthood, which will be inherited from generation to generation. My male choir has a history of more than 40 years," Jürgen Faßbender explained in the live session, while the inheritance of chorus culture is also what Ms Su Yanhui yearns for and admires: "Although the number of male chorus works in China is not large at present, in recent years, we are also committed to the promotion of original chorus works. The concert of original chorus works has been held in Guangzhou every year. I also hope that more good Chinese works for male choirs will be created in the future, so that Chinese centennial choral history will be passed down through these excellent works."

"Hello Council" is a series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council and taking place on a monthly basis.