For the victims of Sulawesi earthquake

Natural disaster in the region of former Asia Pacific Choir Games hosts

A massive earthquake and following tsunami have destroyed many villages and areas in the Sulawesi region, Indonesia. Many people were killed during the catastrophe. The confirmed death is roughly 2000, 5000 people were missed.

The news about Sulawesi earthquake caused dismay also at INTERKULTUR. In 2013 a well cooperation with the North Sulavesi Provincial Government led to a successful 4th Asia Pacific Choir Games that attracted more than 100 choirs from all over the world. A big INTERKULTUR team was on site to organize a unique choral experience for all participants together with local partners, team members and volunteers.

The message that a former team member of the Asia Pacific Choir Games 2013 is among the victims of the earthquake caused deep mourning at INTERKULTUR: Ricardo Sengkeh lost his life while saving six of his friends during the natural disaster. As a stage manager during the Asia Pacific Choir Games 2013 he volunteered for INTERKULTUR and especially stood out due to his friendliness and humility and especially of his outstanding helpfulness.

INTERKULTUR’s thoughts and prayers are with all victims of the Sulawesi earthquake, and especially with Ricardo’s family and friends.