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On November 10, 2015 a new leaf will be turned regarding the mutual relationship between INTERKULTUR and Guangzhou, which will make choral lovers experience music in a completely new and different way. INTERKULTUR offers workshops as well as lectures about different topics. Renowned lecturers and choral experts will report to participants and work together with them. 

Guangzhou, the choral capital, is looked upon being the perfect place for this World Choral Forum. The choral community of Guangzhou features more than 5000 choirs and therefore represents a flourishing and resounding choral centre that focuses on the advancement of young singers. 

In the context of the Guangzhou Arts Festival INTERKULTUR seizes this aspect and invited singers to experience these wonderful moments and to share the choral knowledge during the World Choral Forum. One highlight of this event will be the performance of Chinese and international choirs during the gala concert in Guangzhou on November 10th.

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