Singing together at the Opening Service © INTERKULTUR

Voices raise for peace

Opening service of VOICES FOR PEACE dedicated to “Pacem in Terris”

Yesterday evening the second INTERKULTUR event in 2018, the international choir competition and festival “VOICES FOR PEACE” opened in the Cathedral of San Rufino in Assisi with a holy service celebrated by Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi. 

In his preaching the Bishop of Assisi used strong words to underline the important impact that singing always had for the Christian church and its liturgy. Not by chance Saint Augustine had said "Those who sing, pray twice". Singing was joy, luck in hearts and harmony in the spirit: Those, who live under the terror of war and always need to be afraid of the own physical integrity, don't sing. The church had to pursue the promotion of choral singing by praising its own glorious historic tradition, witnessed by the Gegorian chants and the Renaissance polyphony, and needed to give it a fresh impetus by using the new language of the contemporary civilization. The presence of the participating choirs in the festival VOICES FOR PEACE was a vivid and tangible testimonial of how choral singing was able to unite peoples, ethnics and their associated cultures and different worlds in once single voice. They were warmly welcomed together with a wish for best success.

The choir Cappella Musicale della Cattedrale di San Rufino as well as all national and international choirs taking part in the competition musically enriched the Opening Service. Commemorating a famous encyclical by Pope John XXIII, the mass was dedicated to “Pacem in Terris”, to the world peace and used united voices in order to make a small contribution to a more peaceful world.

During the mass the following pieces were sung:

Introitus: Laudate Dominum, Giuseppe Claudio Pitoni (1567-1743)

Kyrie – Gloria, from “Missa Nr.1 in G“ op. 21, August Zangl (1855-1912)

Lectio: Alleluja, Domenico Stella OFMConv. (1881-1956)

Offertorium: O salutaris hostia, Pierre de la Rue (1452-1518)

Sanctus - Agnus Dei, from “Missa Nr.1 in G“ op. 21, August Zangl (1855-1912)

Communio: Ave verum, KV618, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Ite Missa Est: Dona Nobis Pacem (Anonymous)

This peaceful common singing was conducted by the Artistic Director of the festival, M° Giovanni Acciai.

We’re all looking forward to the upcoming competition days in Perugia and Assis, the town of Peace! Let us make a valuable contribution to INTERKULTUR’s motto “Singing together brings nations together”!

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© Cappella Musicale San Rufino, Italy