Shanghai YangjingF Haniggh School Men's Choir

The nominated choirs have been announced

Singing for the Grand Prize –Torre del Lago Puccini 2015

Competitions & Festivals

After all competition categories have finished and all choirs performed, the international jurors announced the best choirs, which will perform at the Grand Prize Competition once again and will sing for the Grand Prize –Torre del Lago Puccini 2015. The competition will start tomorrow evening at 17h in the Auditorium “Enrico Caruso”

The following choirs will be heard in the Grand Prize Competition once again:

  • Female Choir "Venda" (Latvia)
  • Coro Voceincanto (Italy)
  • Female Chamber Choir "Klapa Kastav" (Croatia)
  • Gitasurya Student Choir University of Muhammadiyah Malang (Indonesia)
  • Shanghai Yangjing High School Men's Choir (China)
  • Caldera (Norway)

The winner of this competition receives “Grand Prize –Torre del Lago Puccini 2015” endowed with a prize money of EUR 1,000.

Enjoy listening to the best choirs of the 1st International Choir Festival Puccini.

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