Singers performing at Friendship Concert © Studi43

SINGSATION - Your Sing Along Project for 2022

Become part of an international project choir and perform together in a competition


Do you love the excitement and thrill before a competition? Do you miss the times when you traveled around the world with your choir to compete on an international level and achieve great things together? Then we have a surprise for you: 

SINGSATION - the brand-new choir project
you've all been waiting for!

If your choir is among those not feeling ready to go back participating in international competitions, but you personally can't wait any longer, SINGSATION is exactly what you need!

This year, we are offering all singers the opportunity to travel alone or in a small ensemble to exciting destinations and become part of an international project choir on site: come together, get to know each other, form a choir and perform together in front of an international competition jury.


The first opportunity for you to take part in one of these new SingSATION projects will be SINGSATION RIGA from August 17 - 21, 2022 in the Latvian capital Riga. The project will be held at the same time as the international choir competition RIGA SINGS. In three days you will practice a competition repertoire together with a renowned choir director to then present the pieces in front of the jury.

Everyone with choir experience will be able to participate, regardless of whether they are currently active in a choir or not. And if even your choir director wants to sing along, no problem - just bring him or her along!

When you register, you will have a choice between the categories "Classical Repertoire" or "Modern Repertoire (Jazz, Pop, Gospel)" depending on which genre suits you best.

From all registrations we will then form one or more choirs. This will result in the formation of men, women or mixed choirs - just let us surprise you!

Are you up for the SINGSATION adventure? Then let's go:

For the August 2022 event SINGSATION Riga all information is already available on our website where you can book your ticket directly. Registrations will be open until May 25, 2022!


If SINGSATION Riga does not fit your schedule, we'll have a second possibility to offer: From September 22-26, the SINGSATION project will take place a second time this year in Kalamata, Greece, alongside the Kalamata International Choir Competition. Detailed information will be published on our website soon, stay tuned!