Closing Concert in Perugia © INTERKULTUR

“Choral singing opens the hearts”

200th INTERKULTUR event ends with a clear message of peace

The Closing Concert and Awards Ceremony was the final highlight of “Voices for Peace”, INTERKULTUR’s 200th anniversary event in Perugia and Assisi this weekend. In tough times of war, terror, and refugee crisis in the world the message of peace becomes much more important. In his closing speech the “Voices for Peace” Artistic Director Giovanni Acciai found the right words to promote world peace and give the participating choirs an essential message on their way home:

“Peace and peaceful co-existence are the deep desire of all human beings. But peace among human beings can exist only if we are in peace with ourselves. We all have the duty to give all our energies to reach this aim. […]

Choral music is the artistic universal expression that represents this in the best way, because it allows bringing together different cultures and people. Making music together favors the sense of community and brotherhood, mutual comprehension without prejudices!

Singing in a choir means to be part of a group, renouncing to individuality. The choir represents civil society and peace. Singing in a choir gives rise to brotherhood among individuals and brings down frontiers. Choral singing opens the hearts, overwhelming national, ethnical and religious differences. It brings harmony both to those who perform and to those who listen. People who sing, don’t want war. They only want peace.”

The promotion of peace and spreading its message will continue in 2019. From May 1-5, 2019 Perugia and Assisi will be again the hosts of VOICES FOR PEACE – International Choir Festival. Learn more here.

For more pictures and impressions from this year’s Voices for Peace, please check out the official Facebook page of the event.