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Bad Ischl 2024: The Results

Bohemiachor from Czech Republic wins the Bad Ischl Grand Prize 2024

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

We recently concluded the vibrant 15th International Choir Competition & Festival in Bad Ischl, and it has been an unforgettable journey! After intense competition and stellar performances, our esteemed panel of judges selected the top choirs to vie for the prestigious Bad Ischl Grand Prize 2024 in the final competition. Performing choirs were:

• Sankt Annæ Kammerkor, Denmark

• Ewha Women's Choir, Republic of Korea

• Chor der Technischen Universität Wien, Austria

• Bohemiachor, Czech Republic

• Timotei, Finland

• Mosaica Singers, Jordan

In the Grand Prize Competition tonight in Bad Ischl, each choir showcased their exceptional skill, earning admiration from their peers and the audience alike. Only one choir could emerge as the Grand Prize Winner, taking home the €2000 prize:

Congratulations to

Bohemiachor from Czech Republic
conducted by Igor Karpilovskij and Jaroslav Šindler

Let's give a resounding round of applause for their outstanding performance!

And let's also celebrate the winners in each competition category:

Category A1 – Mixed Choirs - Difficulty Level I

Bohemiachor (Czech Republic)
conducted bym Igor Karpilovskij, Vit Novotny & Jiři Mátl

Category A2 –  Choirs of Equal Voices - Difficulty Level I

Timotei (Finland)
conducted by Anneli Julén

Category B2 –  Choirs of Equal Voices - Difficulty Level II

Ewha Women's Choir (Republic of Korea)
conducted by Sun Mi Hwang

Category G3 –  Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices

Sankt Annæ Kammerkor (Denmark)
conducted by Flemming Windekilde

Category S –  Sacred Choral Music a cappella

Bohemiachor (Czech Republic)
conducted by Igor Karpilovskij, Vit Novotny & Jaroslav Šindler

Category F –  Folklore

Mosaica Singers (Jordan)
conducted by Nedy Muna

Category P –  Popular Choral Music & Jazz

Chor der Technischen Universität Wien (Austria)
conducted by Alexander Pacha & Andreas Ipp

For the full rundown of the results, the complete list is available for download here:

Bad Ischl 2024_Results

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