BYU Men's Chorus

An Awfully Big Adventure – a journey through the world of choral music

The BYU Men's Chorus impresses the audience with excellent singing

Sing'n'Joy Provo

In the course of the INTERKULTUR festival Sing'n'Joy Provo the Winter Concert of the BYU Men's Chorus with their conductor Rosalind Hall took place friday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the "De Jong Concert Hall" in Provo. Beside the participants of the festival numerous of choral lovers came to the Brigham Young University, to witness one of the festival highlights.

"The Quest – An Awfully Big Adventure" – under this title the concert was announced. Following the concert title 180 singers of the BYU Men's Chorus took the audience on a journey through the colorful world of choral music.The first part of the concert was characterized by slow music from all over the world. Compositions such as  "Choose Something Like a Star" by Randall Thompson and "The Impossible Dream" from the "Man of La Mancha", composed by Mitch Leigh, demonstrated a high level of artistic quality.

After a short break the audience had the chance to see a video premiere. The BYU Men's Chorus presented a new music video of the song "Baba yetu", which was recorded together with the well-known singer Alex Boyé and the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra. Alex Boyé is known for his African arrangements with international choirs. On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 the music video will be officially launched.

Following the sneak preview the Concert Hall was made resound with international and experimental choral music. So the singers produced, for example, sounds of animals and nature, to put the audience in the vast expanses of Canada. Everyone who closed his eyes could imagine sitting in the depth of the Canadian wilderness. China, England and the Caribbean belonged to the next stops of the musical journey.

Finally the singers of the BYU Men's Chorus presented an impressive choreography. To see 180 singers synchronously moving in the entire stage area was unbelievable. The atmosphere of the performance was reflected in the never-ending applauses and cheers of the audience.

We are delighted that we were able to offer a great concert of high artistic quality to the singers of the festival. Once we are thinking about the concert, we are constantly impressed.

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