Award Ceremony in Torre del Lago Puccini

A big applause for international choirs

The 1st International Choir Festival Puccini excels with a high level of artistic achievement

Competitions & Festivals

From September 30 until October 3, 14 choirs from 11 different nations gathered and enchanted the small town Torre del Lago Puccini with international choral music.

An impressive concert program at Saturday evening and the following Award Ceremony officially concluded the festival. The singers cheered about a total of 13 Golden, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze Diplomas and therefore demonstrated a high artistic level. The spirit amongst the choirs was great as they celebrated together and cheered for each other.

At the evening a total of 13 qualifications were awarded for the Champions Competition regarding the World Choir Games, including 4 qualifications regarding the Grand Prix of Choral Music. A great result!

Altogether it was a successful and exciting time at one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The choirs enjoyed days full of choral music and made new friendships. Take a look at the happy faces of the singers during the Grand Prize Competition and the Award Ceremony:

Female Choir "Venda" from Latvia Female Chamber Choir "Klapa Kastav" (Croatia) Gitasurya Student Choir University of Muhammadiyah Malang (Indonesia) Shanghai Yangjing High School Men's Choir (China) Caldera (Norway) Representatives of the Grand Prize choirs jubilant singers Happy faces of choral singers Happy faces of choral singers Happy faces of choral singers Jubilant singers Happy faces of choral singers Happy faces of choral singers with Romāns Vanags

And as the saying goes: After the festival is before the festival. We look forward to meeting you again at one of our next events and until then we remain with musical greetings.

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