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World Choir Games 2018

#WCG2018 – Meet the Jury

10 questions with Shin-Hwa Park (Korea)

Renowned choral experts from 28 different nations are going to evaluate the competition performances at the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. Time to learn more about them!

10 questions with Shin-Hwa Park (Korea)

Shin-Hwa is professor at the Ewha Womans University and president of the of KFCM (Korean Federation for Choral Music). Furthermore he conducts the Ansan City Choir, a professional group that is frequently called upon to represent the Republic of Korea on the international stage, as well as the Ewha Chamber Choir, an amateur choir in which music students and graduates of the Ewha Womans University sing together.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration in life?

Jesus Christ and Choral Music

What would you be doing today, if you were not in choral music?

I would be a teacher.

When did you last sing?

I sing everyday in my choir rehearsal. So, today.

What is the best (and funniest) story to tell from your choral life?

I became the director of Ansan City Choir from 1995 until now, and I became the professor at Ewha Womans University because of the reputation of the choir.

Which song never fails to move you?

Amazing Grace

With whom would you like to sing a duet once in your life?

my friend who died 40years ago

What is the greatest piece of choral literature that has ever been written?

John Rutter’s choral music

Acting as adjudicator at choir competitions, what is your main focus of evaluation?

Pitch, Choral sound, degree of completion

What is your personal advice to choirs/conductors competing at the World Choir Games?

Make the best choral sound you can. Don’t be nervous and be confident.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

All my talent are useful. I don’t have many talent.