Map of geocaches in Magdeburg

Treasures in Magdeburg

European Choir Games rehearsals done, competitions completed and in the mood for some sort of scavenger hunt throughout Magdeburg this summer? Then you might fancy geocaching which will lead you to the city’s most interesting or most secret places off the beaten track!

European Choir Games 2015

No idea what this is about? No problem, we've collected a few links for you: Find a short explanation here.

And a short introductional video here. And for a foretaste go here.

Currently the most popular geocache in Magdeburg is this one.

As you can see on our picture Magdeburg lists quite a few caches!

All you need is a GPS-enabled device and an overview of the geocaches around you (e.g. via Magdeburg welcomes treasure hunters from all over the world to the European Choir Games 2015!