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World Choir Games 2020

The World Choir Games from a front- seat

Special conductor’s program in Flanders

A special program has been put together at the World Choir Games in Flanders addressing especially conductors that would like to experience the event, without bringing their choir. Under the leadership and guidance of Council member Steen Lindholm from Denmark conductors have the chance to experience the World Choir Games first-hand and get an insight into this largest international choir competition in the world.

Among others, this program offers a chance to meet choral directors and choirs from all over the world, attend official ceremonies, workshops, competitions and concerts, learn more about adjudicating and evaluating choirs, experience the special and unique Choir Olympic atmosphere and get a special diploma for taking part in this program.

Conductors from all around the world are welcome to join the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders at any time that fits their schedule, however, two special programs have been prepared aiming to make the best out of their individual World Choir Games experience: From July 4-10 or from July 10-16 a comprehensive experience including Official Ceremonies, competitions, Award Ceremonies as well as Friendship and Celebration Concerts is guaranteed!

Check for information about the detailed schedule, registration and costs.