Showkoor Rise Up (Belgium) © Jonas Persson
World Choir Games 2020

Singing invitation to the World Choir Games 2020

Showkoor Rise Up and international choirs issued invitation to the choral community

An unusual stage became the setting for a musical welcome of the upcoming World Choir Games host country 2020, Belgium: A big top at the Trädgårdsföreningen Circus in the heart of Gothenburg was the platform for a presentation of the future World Choir Games.

Maarten Van Ingelgem, the Artistic Director of the next World Choir Games 2020 edition, introduced his home country Belgium and highlighted musical, social and culinary highlight as well a foretaste of what to expect 2020 musically.

The Showkoor Rise Up from Belgium, the next WCG host country, animated the audience with full energy to join in the refrain of their love song “Ik hou van je” and performed further popular melodies such as Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” or a Queen Medley – and the audience got inspired and joined in. Further performances of international ensembles like the Gitabumi Voices from Indonesia, Vox Singers - Chór POKIS from Poland and the Wangjing Xincheng “Yunhe” Chorus from China who reflected the unifying power of choral music, which will unfold its irresistible attractiveness also 2020 in Belgium.