Paros Chamber Choir

Nothing is impossible with music

Despite the handicaps of its members the Paros Chamber Choir will participate in the World Choir Games once again

Choir Spotlight

INTERKULTUR is pleased to introduce some choirs, which will attend the biggest choral event worldwide: The World Choir Games in Sochi 2016.

The following choir is a perfect example, that singing is healthy and unites people from all situations of life. The Paros Chamber Choir is the only choir in the world mostly comprising of wheelchair users and other singers with disabilities.

The Paros Chamber Choir was founded in 1993 at Gratsia Rehabilitation Centre in Yerevan, Armenia. From 1993 till 2008, Vachagan Navasardyan was the Conductor of Paros.
The choir has performed in Yerevan, throughout the regions of Armenia and overseas. Especially notable were the concert tours in Lebanon, Georgia, France and Austria, and successful participation in international festival-competitions held in the UK and Italy.

In 2009, Raffi Mikaelian was appointed to conduct the Choir. Under his direction the choir performed at a concert in Yerevan toghether with a world known Tenor Placido Domingo. Representing Armenia at the World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia (2014), Paros won 2 silver medals and recorded its most significant success. Since March 2015, Manuel Ohanyan has been the Choir’s Conductor. The repertoire of the Choir includes works by Armenian as well as Russian and European composers. Paros has released 4 music videos and 3 CDs.

With its impressive performances in Armenia and abroad, Paros not only represents the rich Armenian culture but also proves that disabilities don't matter when it comes to Art. INTERKULTUR is looking forward to welcome the singers of Paros in Sochi.

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