Java Jive, the Barbershop quartet from Russia

Java Jive: the Barbershop quartet in Sochi

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

Choir Spotlight

In the course of the World Choir Games 2016, INTERKULTUR offers a wide range of participation opportunities to choirs. In altogether 29 categories the choirs can present their musicianship and compete with other ensembles. Beside established categories such as Female or Male Choirs, Sacred Choral Music and Folklore, the World Choir Games also provide specific categories such as Senior Choirs, Scenic Pop or Barbershop.

The biography of the Barbershop Quartet "Java Jive" from Russia, which registered for the competition in the Barbershop category, is uncommon as well as outstanding. The four-member ensemble was founded in 2013, to sing together Barbershop pieces. In the first two years of existence the singers had to cope with some challenges. The ensemble members changed several times and Java Jive not always had the opportunity to perform on different stages. Only the Kislovodsk Philharmonic, in which all four members are actively involved in the Symphonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Choir Safonov, provided a stage for the ensemble.

Since 2015 the ensemble members have been determined: Alexei Ovcharov (tenor), Ruslan Melekaev (lead), Shamil Salimov (bariton) and Ashot Babayants (bass). In the same year "Java Jive" took part in an open Jazz competition and promptly received the first prize. Congratulations to this outstanding success!

Currently the singers are preparing different concerts, e.g. at the Kislovodsk Philharmonic as well as the World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi. We are curious to see which catchy tunes and show acts "Java Jive" will present.

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