Choir on stage at the Friendship Concert in the Festung Mark

How a Friendship Concert turns into a choir party

In the late afternoon already bad weather conditions were in the offing and the planned Friendship Concert might fall through. And that is how it came. But soon a virtue was made out of necessity…

Choir Games

Without hesitation the concert moved from the open air stage into the walls of the Festung Mark. The conductor’s lounge turned into a stage and the choir Jingcai Children’s Art Troupe from China took the chance to entertain the numerous people that stayed for the concert despite the rain.

Then the concert even moved from the stage to the circle of the audience and people were as close to the singers as they’ve never been before. The Blue Note’s Guys fired up the audience with an a cappella program that made no feed standing still.

The crowning closing of an improvised and maybe because of that even more successful Friendship Concert was presented by the Italian choir Terra D’Abruzzo that performed a traditional Italian program that made everybody singing, dancing and clapping along.

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