Defrost Youth Choir, Norway © Bruno Seidl
World Choir Games 2018

Defrosting the choral audience at the World Choir Games 2018

Norwegian Choir is set to grab for gold again


Newcomers, old stagers, well-travelled choirs, domestic groups – INTERKULTUR strives to introduce the wide variety of the World Choir Games 2018 choirs which will reflect the broad range of genres, nationalities and characters by writing about some of the participating groups which will travel to Tshwane, South Africa next year. Today: An old aquaintance with a rather unusual name – Defrost Youth Choir from Norway.

The ensemble originally started as a project choir in 2011, being a collaboration between two of Norway's most successful and prestiqious choir conductors Erland Dalen and Thomas Caplin. During a time period of one and a half year only, the choir achieved two Gold Medals in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati (USA) in 2012. After this journey the singers and conductor Thomas Caplin decided to continue their work as an ensemble on a more permanent basis.

Today, Defrost consists of 29 singers from the region around Hamar, led by Thomas Caplin. They present a variety of music from many different historical periods and go on an international tour each year. The choir participates both in choral competitions and other cultural events as the cooperation with choirs from other countries and recognizing their cultures and lifestyles is also an important aspect for the singers. The group is based upon the principle ”The voice is the mirror of the soul” and this attitude led them e.g. to several Gold Medals at the European Choir Games in Graz, Austria (2013). In 2018 they will try to tie in with their former achievents in the categories Mixed Youth Choirs and Pop Choirs at the World Choir Games in South Africa.

Ready to get "defrosted"? Check out the official event page or the World Choir Games Facebook page. The countdown for registering your choir ends on December 01, 2017!