Diocesan Boys' School Choir, China / Hong Kong SAR © Cameron Knight
World Choir Games 2018

A World Choir Games hero

Diocesan Boys' School Choir prepares for its 8th WCG participation

A multiple WCG Champion will head also for the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa: the Diocesan Boys’ School (“DBS”) Choir from Hong Kong, its conductor Felix Shuen will again participate in the World Choir Games, the largest international choir competition in the world and try to gain the Champions title once more. 

Since its foundation in 2000, the Diocesan Boys’ School Choir constantly participated in various INTERKULTUR events ranging from the 1st World Choir Games in Linz, Austria (2000), up to the Johannes Brahms Choir Competition & Festival in Wernigerode, Germany. And in 2018 the singers will join the jubilee edition of the 10th World Choir Games and will celebrate their 8th participation in a World Choir Games event altogether.

The DBS consists of the school's most outstanding choristers in senior classes and frequently performs and competes in Hong Kong and overseas. In recent years it won accolades such as the “Best Boys Choir of the Year” and the “Most Outstanding Choir of the Year” at the annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Since 2000, the Choir also travelled overseas to various countries in Asia, Europe, and North America to compete in international choral festivals including e.g. the International Youth Barbershop Chorus Festival (USA) and the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod (Wales), receiving various awards and critical acclaim.

Since 2006 the DBS Choir won the World Choir Games category Young Male Choirs several times, capturing the Gold Medal and the World Champion title in 2006 in Xiamen (China), 2008 in Graz (Austria), 2010 in Shaoxing (China), 2012 in Cincinnati (USA) and 2014 in Riga (Latvia). In addition to its numerous outstanding competition results, the singers were also frequently invited to perform in world-class venues such as the National Centre of Performing Arts in Beijing, China and the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. 

See here some highlights of their most recent performances at the World Choir Games (2008-2014):

Can’t wait to see the record Young Male Choir Champions live on stage in Tshwane? Check out the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa here or take a look at the event’s Facebook page.